My Thai Chef s Special

Choice of jasmine rice or brown rice

C1. Masaman Curry w. Chicken Leg
Thailand's mild, yellow coconut-curry roade w/ onion, potato and peanuts
C2. Jungle Curry Spicy
A tangy dish made w/ Thai herb, eggplant, bell pepper, basil, string bean, baby corn and chili plate
C3. Lemongrass Pork Chop
Thai spiced pork chop grilled to perfection, garnished w/ American broccoli
C4. Gai Yang (Aka Thai Chicken Barbecue)
Marinated half-chicken, cooked to perfection and basted w/ our chefs secret-recipe barbecue sauce
C5. Neu-ah Nam Tok (Aka waterfall Beef) Spicy
A spicy Northern-Thai dish of julienned beef seasoned w/ fish sauce, cilantro, chili and red onion, scallion
C6. Scallop w. Chili Sauce Spicy
Pan-seared scallop w/ string bean, kaffir lime, garlic, bell pepper and house-made spicy pork sauce
C7. Fish Filet w. Chili Sauce Spicy
Crispy fried fish fillet simmered w/ a mild spicy chef special sauce
C8. Twister Shrimp
Juicy jumbo shrimp sautéed w/ mushroom and string bean in a garlic butter sauce
C9. Thai Spare Ribs Spicy
Basted in our chefs secret-recipe sauce and served w/ a savory Thai basil sauce
C10. Phad Priew Wan Ghoong (Aka Thai-Style Sweet and Sour Shrimp)
A quick sautéed of onion, pineapple, bell pepper, celery and scallion, tomatoes, cucumber w/ sweet & sour sauce
C11. Lemongrass Chicken
Thai spiced chicken grilled to perfection, garnished w/ American broccoli.
C12. Lemongrass Beef
Stir-fry beef with bellpeppers, onions, carrots, and lemongrass.
C13. Thai Coconut Noodle
Cellophane noodle w/ egg bean sprout, tofu, anmd crushed peanuts in creamy tamarind sauce.
C14. Peanut Chicken
Sliced chicken cooked in house-made Thai peanut sauce, garnished steam broccoli
C15. Grill Salmon Special / Thai Basil Sauce or Red Curry Sauce
Grill salmon w/ bell peppoers and onions in selected sauce