1. Thai Roti
Flakey  flatbread w. a curry dipping sauce
2. Homemade Crispy Tofu
Crispy and golden-brown w. a special sweet sauce and peanut
3. Poh Pia Tod
Fried vegetarian spring roll filled w. bean-thread, carrot, served w a sweet plum sauce (3 rolls)
4. Poh Pia Sot
Fresh summer-style shrimp spring roll w. tangy sauce (2 rolls)
5. Ghoong Hom Pha (Aka Shrimp in a Blankel)
Marinated shrimp fried in a thin, crispy wrapper and served w. a savory plum sauce for dipping (4 rolls)
6. Crispy Calamari Spicy
Deep-fried and topped w. spicy Thai chili sauce
7. Salay Skewer
Chicken $6.95 / Beef $7.95
Choose one...comes w/ peanut dipping sauce (4 skewers)
8. Dumplings
Steamed dumplings stuffed w. shredded chicken, shrimp, and herbs. ..served w. sauce for dipping (4 pieces)
9. Fish Tofu
Fried, fish-flavored tofu w. Thai dipping sauce (6 pieces)
10. Crab Rangoon
Fried wonton, stuffed w. crab, scallion, cream cheese and plum sauce (6 pieces)
10a. Kan Pap (Curry Puff)
Pastry puff stuff with potatoes, chicken in curry seasoning